Benddao Lendpool Address Provider
// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
// OpenZeppelin Contracts v4.4.1 (proxy/ERC1967/ERC1967Proxy.sol)
pragma solidity ^0.8.0;
import "../Proxy.sol";
import "./ERC1967Upgrade.sol";
 * @dev This contract implements an upgradeable proxy. It is upgradeable because calls are delegated to an
 * implementation address that can be changed. This address is stored in storage in the location specified by
 *[EIP1967], so that it doesn't conflict with the storage layout of the
 * implementation behind the proxy.
contract ERC1967Proxy is Proxy, ERC1967Upgrade {
     * @dev Initializes the upgradeable proxy with an initial implementation specified by `_logic`.
     * If `_data` is nonempty, it's used as data in a delegate call to `_logic`. This will typically be an encoded
     * function call, and allows initializating the storage of the proxy like a Solidity constructor.
    constructor(address _logic, bytes memory _data) payable {
        assert(_IMPLEMENTATION_SLOT == bytes32(uint256(keccak256("eip1967.proxy.implementation")) - 1));
        _upgradeToAndCall(_logic, _data, false);
     * @dev Returns the current implementation address.
    function _implementation() internal view virtual override returns (address impl) {
        return ERC1967Upgrade._getImplementation();